Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Baby pram cookies

I have a lovely client who just loves these pram cookies she ordered, its so great for me to meet such wonderful people. I enjoy making others happy through my baking. These are a simple concept but they look so cute when they are all together.

Wedding Monogram Cookies

Wedding monogram cookies are a great idea for wedding favours, the guests love them and its something nice to represent the couple in any way they like. These ones were for Mick and Kirrilee and the theme of their wedding was black and white. They look so pretty packaged too.

Immy's monster party

I had the opportunity to create the cutest cookies ever! Little Immy was having a monster themed party where all the kids dressed up as little monsters, what a scream (pun intended)!! Esther from In a Pickle in Camp hill contacted me and I couldn't wait to create something that reflected the fun these kids would be having at the party. Immy loved her cookies so my job was done :)

Baby shower cookies