Q- Where do you live?
A - I live in South Brisbane

Q - Do you post cookies?
A - At this stage no, but I will be in the future, no time frame as of yet.

Q- How much notice do you need for an order?
A - It would be ideal to have at least 2 weeks, for larger orders I require more time.

Q - How much are your cookies?
A - My cookies vary in price, generally they start from $4 per cookie but it depends on the detail you require on the cookie, the size of the cookie and other factors. Generally, a client will email me with an idea they have, I then give them a few options and we go from there. I am more than happy to cater to any budget :)

Q - What is the minimum number of cookies per order
A - 12

Q - Do you deliver or can I pick them up
A - Both :) I can deliver orders in Brisbane, the cost will vary depending on the location, or you can pick them up.