Friday, 24 February 2012

Roses are...... pink and aqua

Well today they were, I think I fell in love with piping roses. There was something therapudic about it, maybe it was because I was picturing how they would look on the cookies I was making for my client. I just wanted them to dry so I could use them right away! These cookies were for a 60th birthday, I loved the colour combination, pastels are always beautiful.

Next on the list are some easter cookies. I love easter, especially because I get to celebrate Greek easter the following week with my Greek family, no doubt I will be creating some cookies for both occasions! Stay tuned xx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

I made it!!

Wow!! The first Valentines day at Glazed Bakehouse and boy was it busy! I will be honest with you, I didnt anticipate that just by starting the facebook page, it would generate so much interest in two days...and I am so greatful!! I had around 80 cookies to bake and decorate in a span of a few days, all whilst working full time!!! How I did it? I absolutely love cookies and everything about them so I had fun, I just didnt have fun not sleeping haha.

Thankfully I had my boyfriend (Dave) come over every night and help me wrap the cookies and clean up for me! I feel so lucky to have such great support from him (luckiest girl in the world maybe). Anyway, I can now focus on the future of Glazed and what direction I want to head in. I am loving the orders coming in and designing the cookies for all the unique requests.
So its a weekend to relax before I get back into it, Dave has surprised me and is taking me away for the weekend for my birthday (this week is an expensive week for the poor guy) and I can come home nice and refreshed and ready to bake! Stay Tuned!


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February...the best month of the year!

So I love February, for two main reasons, my Birthday and Valentines Day! Not that I believe we need a day to tell that special someone how much you love them, but I love the hype Valentines day brings. Lucky I have a romantic boyfriend who loves it as much as I do and it's also good to have him around the house to eat the left over cookies. So to get in the spirit of love, I got busy making these babies...I love the colours of pink and red together, they just work.I also  must thank my dear friend Keren Brown of the Brown Trading Co for taking some beautiful pics for me.

Stay tuned for more cookies!

Kimberley xoxo