Thursday, 16 February 2012

I made it!!

Wow!! The first Valentines day at Glazed Bakehouse and boy was it busy! I will be honest with you, I didnt anticipate that just by starting the facebook page, it would generate so much interest in two days...and I am so greatful!! I had around 80 cookies to bake and decorate in a span of a few days, all whilst working full time!!! How I did it? I absolutely love cookies and everything about them so I had fun, I just didnt have fun not sleeping haha.

Thankfully I had my boyfriend (Dave) come over every night and help me wrap the cookies and clean up for me! I feel so lucky to have such great support from him (luckiest girl in the world maybe). Anyway, I can now focus on the future of Glazed and what direction I want to head in. I am loving the orders coming in and designing the cookies for all the unique requests.
So its a weekend to relax before I get back into it, Dave has surprised me and is taking me away for the weekend for my birthday (this week is an expensive week for the poor guy) and I can come home nice and refreshed and ready to bake! Stay Tuned!


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